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The Randonneur Project Bike

The 2013-14 MAP Randonneur Project is a traditionally inspired, light-weight randonneuring bicycle made for fast, long rides, mixed terrain, and big 650B tires. Combining the best in modern materials, classic style, and proven randonneuring geometry, the frame, fork, and rack have been designed as a unit to go the distance and provide the ultimate in comfort.

Each bicycle is custom-sized to your specification by choosing individual seat tube and top tube lengths. Provisions for generator lighting, fenders, water bottles, and frame-pump are all standard features. Frame-tubing is chosen based each individuals weight and riding style for the best ride characteristics possible.

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The S&P Randonneur Project:


A joint effort between Brent Steelman and Mitch Pryor, the S&P Randonneur Project is a fully-featured, light-weight, event-ready randonneuse that is equally at home on remote gravel roads or your local chip-seal.

Built by a factory of two between Redwood City and Chico, California with the finest raw materials available today. Available in 7 stock sizes and with the option for a custom top tube length.

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